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Venture Cinema is all about creating great stories. In all of our films, whether shorts or features, narrative or documentary, Venture Cinema is committed to delivering quality, artistic, intriguing content. We believe in collaboration and art, and our mission is to use film to spread positive messages.


Our values of honesty, integrity, helpfulness, loyalty, compassion, humility, fairness, respectfulness, courageousness, and equality will play a strong role in the plot and resolution of our films. These values will be tested, and challenged, and our characters must decide if they will make decisions from a place of positivity (leading them toward success), or from a place of negativity (leading them toward destruction).

We're looking for both investors and partners in upcoming film projects. Do you want to make a difference in the world, but don't know how? Do you have a story you're looking to tell? Need help putting together a crew? Need a producer or two?


Contact Venture Cinema. Let's make something meaningful together.

Meet The Team


Rob Ciano - Owner/President

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Over the past 10 years, Rob has produced and directed multiple feature-length narrative and documentary films, as well as short films and theatrical performances. One such film, a short called “Blackout”, was licensed by Showtime for streaming and broadcast. Most recently, Rob wrote, directed, and produced “Shimmer”, a feature film with budget of $200K. “Shimmer” starred Nichole Galicia (Django Unchained), Brian Anthony Wilson (The Wire) and Kazy Tauginas (Equalizer 2, My Name is Dolemite).

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